AHS Class of 1960

You have reached the web site of the Antioch High School Class of 1960. It is a little bit password protected—not truly secure but perhaps secure enough so that search engines won't easily find what we have posted on our web site.

Click here to give a UserID and a password and to get to the body of our web site.

Seven valid userid/password combinations are listed below.
In each case below, the word in ALL CAPS is a userid and BLANK stands for the matching password.
Type both the userid and password in all lower case without punctuation or spaces.
For example, if there was a clue that said:
COUNTY BLANK, across L St. from the high school where we experienced skidding on gravel and learned to parallel park,
then userid is "county" and the password is "fairgrounds".
Now, find a real clue below you can crack and click above.

If you can't make a password work, email me at