Some 25th ARPANET anniversary artifacts

On September 10, 1994, ARPANET/Internet pioneers came together in Boston to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the installation of the original 4-node ARPANET. The event was organized by BBN (Bolt Beranek and Newman Inc.), one of the original ARPANET contractors.

Photo of some of the pioneers present at the celebration taken at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston. The people in the photo are (front row left to right) Dave Walden, Barry Wessler, Truett Thach, Larry Roberts, Len Kleinrock, Bob Taylor, Roland Bryan, Bob Kahn, (back row Marty Thrope, Ben Barker, Vint Cerf, Severo Ornstein, Frank Heart, Jon Postel, Doug Englebart, and Steve Crocker.

Photo of a slightly different set of pioneers taken at the Mapparium at the Christian Science Center in Boston. The additional people in this photo are Wes Clark (between Roberts and Kleinrock) Charlie Herzfeld (behind Kahn), Roger Scantlebury (left of Herzfeld), and Bill Naylor (between Postel and Crocker).
This photo was taken by Boston photographer Clark Quin; I am seeking permission from him or his heirs to continue to display the photo on my website, but he/they are hard to find.

Photo of the BBN "IMPGUYS" who were at the celebration, lined up the same as they were in one of the two famous 1969 IMPGUYS photos.

Networking publications published by BBN people in the first 25 years. Other groups of researchers perhaps published just as many papers. The ARPANET development spurred a revolution in networking research and implementation.

Issue of BBN Digest from October 1994 including write-up of the September 10th ARPANET anniversary event and an interview with Frank Heart.

Timeline from Licklider until 1994