2001 Boston History Makers Awards

On November 13, 2001, the Boston History Collaborative presented the 2001 Boston History Makers Awards to Gillette (where the disposable razor blade was invented), MIT, Genuity (the Internet service spinout from BBN for its role in the ARPAnet/Internet), Genzyme (for biotech solutions to certain health disorders), and the Boston Red Sox (in honor of their 100th anniversary).

Various notable Boston-area people presented the various awards. The best presentation, however, was given by John Kenneth Galbraith to Gillette. Galbraith is in his 90's and is frail, but is still a wonderful and witty speaker (speaking without written notes).

Accepting the award relating to BBN was Steve Blumenthal who worked at BBN for many years and is now a top VP at Genuity. He brought with him to accept the award five BBN people from the early days of the Internet:

The following photo (taken by Dan Bricklin) is of the above mentioned BBN people, left to right as listed above).

[Some of the text above was also adapted from Dan Bricklin's web site, www.bricklin.com.]

2007 Boston Champions of Innovation Induction

On June 4, 2007, our ARPANET/Internet team was again honored by the Boston History and Innovation Collaborative, where we were called Living Legends. Other Living Legends that evening were Eric Lander (who sequenced the human genome), Jay Forrester (who invented core memory and System Dynamics), Joseph Murray (who completed the first successful kidney transplant and opened the door of all other major organ transplants), Peter Brooke (who created an innovative venture capital network), and Clara Wainwright (who invented First Night).

The following photograph was taken at the event by professional photographer Meghan Moore (www.megpix.com) who graciously allowed me to post the image here.

Pictured in the photo (with the 1969 photo of our original ARPANET team) are (L to R) Ray Tomlinson, Dave Walden, Alex McKenzie, and Leo Beranek -- the same set of people as in the above 2001 photo.

The June 15, 2007 issue of The Sandwich Broadsider published this phono with a caption listing the same people's names as above but including the fact that I am an East Sandwich resident. The rest of the caption said [These men] made up a research team that paved the way for the Internet by inventing the ARPANET, a system for breaking apart, sending, and then reassembling data that allowed remote computers to communicate with each other. Here they hold a photo of themselves taken when they worked together. The group was recently honored as Local Living Legends of Innovation by the Boston History & Innovation Collaborative in Cambridge.