An Inconvenient Truth

Rating = B

My B grade for this movie is the average of a C for being boring and an A for clarity. The movie tries to add some interest by looking into Al Gore's history several times: a serious injury to his young son, his family's tobacco farming and the death of his sister (a smoker) to lung cancer, etc., but mostly these episodes seemed to me to be a little out of place. You should see the film, and you should stay for the final credits which provide almost the only advice the movie gives about what someone can do. Since whatever any of can personally do it so inconsequential and since (for those of us in the United States) our country seems to lack any significant political will to work on the problem, my questions coming out of the movie was where could I move to, how can I outfit new home to try to survive the effects of global warming, and what kind of guns should I buy to try to protect myself in the chaos that will result if Gore correctly anticipates the current trends in global warming.