Apocalypse Now Redux

Rating = B+

The original had a dull ending, from the time the boat finished its trip up river and finds the Kurtz (Brando) camp, not to mention being visually too dark. Now a long scene at a French plantation has been added just before: this scene has some value by noting that the French government was no more dedicated to winning its Indochina war than the U.S. government and army was, and what is needed is dedicated, never-say-die people such as the French plantation owners and Kurtz (and of course the North Vietnamese) to defeat an enemy; however, this scene long scene is also dull, unnecessary, and has out of place music. There is also a scene I don't remember for the original involving the Playboy Bunnies which is long, fairly dull and unnecessary. Thus, new movie has substantially more dull parts than the original. Nonetheless, the original scenes of Martin Sheen being picked up at his hotel and briefed on his mission and the long boat trip up river (including the classic helicopter attack on the village) remain amazing. It was especially wonderful to be able to see the movie again on the big screen. Parts of this movie are an A+ and parts are a C+; overall I think it is a B, but promote it to a B+ in recognition of the nobility of the director's effort.