Beauty in Trouble (Czech)

Rating = B

This is the story of a woman with two children whose home and belongings have mostly been lost in a flood and whose husband supports the family running a car theft chop shop. They fight, she and the children go to live with her mother and slimy step father, and he (the husband) gets arrested and jailed. She meets a nice, lonely, much older, rich man who wants to take her and the children to live on his wonderful estate in Italy. The husband gets out of jail and is reformed, renovates the house, and has an honest job. She has to choose between the husband she dislikes but with whom she relishes wild (“codependent” in the word of one critic) sex and the older man whose company she enjoys but with whom there is only gentile sex. She finds an interesting solution. (The movie's website puts it this way: “[The film] explores a young woman’s romantic dilemma: torn between a primal connection and the need to provide for her children, she loves two men..”) While that is basically the plot, the film is less about story and more about a bunch of unconventional and contrasting characters.

[2014-06-01, DVD]