Blood Diamond

Rating = B

This is a seriously flawed movie. The battle scenes go on too long, the story has too many elements and is too contrived, and there is too little to the role played by Jennifer Connolly. Nonetheless: (1) the acting by the two lead men is excellent (and Connolly does the best she can with her role), and (2) the images of the cruelty of and destruction rained on civilians by the multiple armed forces — each with its own agenda (perhaps each local commander with his own agenda) — and the destruction they rain on civilians just trying to live their lives made me think of the continuing desperate plight of civilians because of what such “armies” are doing in Africa (the continuing genocide in Darfur, the struggles for control of Somalia) and Iraq. Perhaps there should be a film festival including this film Hotel Rwanda, The Constant Gardener, Darwin's Nightmare, and so on, to really give us a blast of sensitivity about what is happening in the rest of the world (and the possibility that our country could also fall into such a state as various groups increasingly see their fellow citizens as enemies).