Rating = B-

We went to see this film for comparison with the stage play God of Carnage which we saw recently in a regional production in Boston. The set was more interesting in the stage play. The famous actors in the movie were better than the good regional actors we saw in the stage play. The stage play was a little more over the top with physical comedy, which was good. The close-ups of the actors faces were nice in the movie. The book doesn't allow the movie to be much more than a stage play on film; all the action takes place in couple of rooms and the elevator lobby of a city apartment, but it doesn't/can't? have the theatricality of the stage play. The book is weak in either case. Probably best would be to have the movie's quality of actors in a stage play (and I think the Broadway production with such actors won a big award a year or two ago).

[2012-02-08, Regal Fox 10, Portland, OR]