Rating = B-

This is not a bad movie, but it was a disappointing movie for me. I've loved the dancing in Bob Fosse musicals on stage and in his movie “All That Jazz.” However, in this movie, the dancing is difficult to see much of the time because of the frenetic camera and editing work. There are plenty of good dancers in the movie, including lead Catherine Zeta Jones. However, because of the weakness of the other two leads (Zellweger and Gere) or perhaps because these days movie makers think excitement must always be generated by the cameras or the editors, this movie seldom lets us see whole dancers (or groups of dancers) for more than a few seconds at a time; we mostly get to see bits and pieces of dancers, cutting quickly from one bit to the next piece. Neither Zellweber or Gere are bad at singing and dancing, and what they do is impressive for untrained singers and dancers. However, Chicago was never a very good musical. It depended on seeing the dance of top flight talents and seeing them work together with precision and the Fosse style. The Fosse style is largly lost in this movie, and we need Verdon or Reinking instead of Zellweger (Orbach instead of Gere would also be nice).