Fair Game

Rating = B+

This is the story of Valerie Plame's outing by the Bush White House for the purpose of changing the story from whether the White House faked evidence for the Iraq war to whether Plame sent her husband, Joe Wilson, on a boondoggle. It is well done and the leads playing Valerie and Joe are excellent.

It seems to me that Bush White House defenders have more recently changed the story to whether any real damage was done by outing Plame; and there has long been the assertion that no crime was committed in outing Plame because she was not in a covert position. Ignoring what's right or wrong or true or false — who knows what to believe — the one message that seems clear to me — a message seen over and over again throughout history — is that big important people have the ability to crush little people, have few qualms about doing it, and most of them get away with it.

[2010-11-15, Fox Tower 10, Portland, OR]