Home Before Dark

Rating = B+

I saw this as the opening show of the Woods Hole Film Festival. This was the first movie for writer, director and producer Maureen Foley, who has had a hard time finding a distributor and had to release the movie herself (with her co-producer husband) at a single theater in each of a handful of cities and towns. The movie is such a perfectly good movie and so deserving of widespread distribution (compared to all the dreck that gets massive distribution), especially for a first timer, that the audience was very much in the director's corner. All in all, it was a heart warming affair.

Ms. Foley, raised and spent \$350,000 and had another \$400,000 in deferred salaries to repay (basically everyone worked for 5 weeks with no pay). When asked how she got into this, her answer was classic: “folly.” She has finally found distribution. Look for the movie on cable on Lifetime.