Housekeeper, A

Rating = B-

This movie is a trifle, but enjoyable nonetheless. The middle-aged man, whose wife has left him, knows that things can't last with the young woman who moves in with him and comes on to him, and he is little reluctant about her advances. Nonetheless, she insinuates herself into his life and that's OK with him (she's nicely nubile), except she wants to do things he doesn't want to do: listen to loud music, dance into the late night, spend time in the sun on the beach, swim in the cold water. In the end, she dumps him, which had to happen and he accepts resignedly. In the meantime she has inadvertently helped him get moving again. The movie seems so typically French to me — preoccupation with sex, older-man-younger-woman relationships, and being a good sport about it all.