Rating = B-

I think this movie deserves an A- for inventiveness and a C for everything else, hence a B- overall.

It definitely is inventive. However, it is too long (especially the James Bond like attack of a fortress in the snow covered mountains). The acting is OK but nothing special, but that doesn't matter since there is not really anything much to that matters to the viewer about the characters and the problems. We don't care because it's all so fantastic and ultimately we don't know if any of it is real or it's all dreams. Also, it's hard to care much about lead character's separation from his children since they only ever flit by in dream sequences or to feel his great love for his dead wife (who is dead after all and keeps trying to kill him in dreams). Finally, the music pounds on and on as the too long scenes pound on and on.

[2010-07-25, Heritage Cinema, Sandwich, MA]