I've Loved You So Long (in French)

Rating = B+

Anyone who has read a few reviews of this movie knows already that it is nominally about a mother who 15 years ago murdered her six year old son and has recently been released from prison and come to live with her sister, brother-in-law, and young nieces. (I you don't know it already, you will learn it early in the movie.) When the motive for the murder is finally disclosed at the end of the movie, it is almost anti-climatic, and many viewers may already have guessed most of the truth.

However, the movie is not really about the murderer's sister (or the audience) finally learning the truth. The movie is about the reintegration into life, family, and society of the murderer, and the rebuilding of love between the sisters, once very close but torn apart by the unexplained act of murder.