Rating = B+

This is a really good movie. Perhaps, one day in retrospect, I will raise my rating to an A-. My wife pointed out to me the — correct, I'm sure — metaphor of the ubiquitous, tangled lantana plant of the title and the ubiquitous entanglements of human relationships, illustrated by the characters in the movie.

On the one hand, this appears to be a movie about a crime. On the other hand, that's just a thread that superficially brings all these characters explicit awareness of each other in addition the direct, indirect, and doubly indirect relationships they already had. The men are unhappy, ignoring it, and drifting. The women are unhappy and trying to do something about it, but nothing that really helps very much. Nearly everyone is “seeking love in all the wrong places.” After the jolts resulting from the crime, everyone appears to be settling back into a new, slightly different, status quo; and we are not sure if things will really get better, or if it will be back to “lives of quiet desperation” — for some of the characters, clearly things won't change much, and not at all for the better.