Prairie Home Companion

Rating = B+

This is a sweet film — gentle, amusing, lots of music, and so forth. Even though the movie isn't consistently strong, it is great to have an image (albeit fictional) of how a Prairie Home Companion radio show works.

I tend to disagree with people who think Altman has been making more minor movies recently in contrast to such greats as “Mash” and “Nashville.” I thought “Dr. T \& the Women,” “The Gingerbread Man,” and “Gosford Park” were all very good movies (although the first two were not quite as good as the latter), and I completely enjoyed “Cookie's Fortune.” “Prairie Home Companion” is certainly at the same level as the last mentioned two films.

[Rewatched the film on DVD, October 10, 2009] I enjoyed the movie as much as the first time during this reprise viewing. And watching the bonus features was, in fact, a wonderful bonus.