Real Women Have Curves

Rating = B

I enjoyed this movie at the B+ level even though its simplistic plot should probably preclude anything more than a B- grade.

A curious thing happened as we were entering the theater for the 1:35pm showing: four school bus loads of high school kids and their teachers were leaving the theater having just seen a private showing of the movie. I asked the person behind the theater counter what all the kids were about, and she told me they had come from a town about 25 miles away and she believed that, having seen the movie, they were going to have a class discussion about it. As I see it, the movie provides many discussion topics: mother/daughter issues, inter-generational issues, hard-working immigrants making a new lives for themselves in the U.S., a look at immigrant latino culture, teenage sex, teenage self-esteem regarding appearance and academic capability, making a good movie on what was probably a relatively low budget and obtaining a rating that makes the movie accessible to teenagers while still retaining realism for them, and so forth.