Stories We Tell

Rating = B+

This is a documentary by the actress and director Sarah Polley. Many of the real critics like it; some think it should not have been released. As suggested by the movie's title, a big theme in the movie is the different variations of the “truth” that different people tell from their different perspectives of a situation, and how the telling of the story can change teller's perception of the story and its participants. These variations on the “truth” are going on at several levels in the film: (a) in the historical story being investigated; (b) in the participants stories about this historical story; and (c) in the movie's method of presentation. Altogether, there is a lot to think about at by the end of the film. Watching this movie (and then reading the reviews of the film and interviews of the director) could be a good assignment and later discussion topic for college history majors studying oral history interviewing.

[2013-11-16, DVD]