Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (2011)

Rating = B+

I have read the book and seen the 6-hour 1979 TV version several times. Therefore, I am not in a good position to say whether a first-time viewer is able to easily follow the story as shown in this slightly-over-2-hour 2011 movie version. The movie looked great and was well acted, and I was prepared to give it a slightly lower grade. However, having rewatched the 6-hour TV version on DVD a couple of days later, I am very impressed with how well the 2-hour movie managed to cover the key elements of the story. Nonetheless, my guess is that reading the book (possibly again) just before or immediately after seeing the movie will make the movie more enjoyable. Gary Oldman as Smiley is very good.

[2011-01-07, Entertainment Cinemas, South Dennis, MA]