Volver (Spanish)

Rating = B

Original note: This film by Almodóvar is pretty much a soap opera. But it is fun and has lots of Almodóvar's typical characteristics: bright colors (particularly red), delightful, arty credits, almost exclusive (and lingering) focus on women, and the women's almost total independence from (and ability to cope without) men. It was great to see Carmen Maura again, even if she did spend most of the film under a bed.

Note added 02-28-2007: My original rating for this movie was a B-. However, in the weeks that followed I found myself remembering it from time to time, and also read some more about it which increased my appreciation; in fact, I found myself wanting to see it again. One of the most interesting things I read is that the plot of this movie is the plot of a book described in one of Almodóvar's earlier movies and written by a character in that movie whose publisher hates to book plot.