CQM Counselors

A CQM Counselor is an experienced leader who has demonstrated superior understanding, knowledge, and application of CQM's approach to the quality of management in significantly improving the performance of their business.

Listing of CQM Counselors:

2003 Gary Burchill Center for Quality of Management Gary served as CQM's President from 1998 to 2003. His involvement with CQM began with our founding. As a PhD student at MIT, he developed the Concept Engineering method for identifying customer requirements for new products. He was also a key contributor to the CQM Conversation study group. In 1999, Gary chaired study groups on Business Complexity that resulted in a range of new products, including SCORE for new product idea screening, and "Leading Without Authority." Over the past year, he has focused his time on the study of business leadership, including development of the Management Alignment Process for strategic planning, and the Business Leadership System Diagnosis. He continues to serve on CQM's Board of Directors. Gary received CQM's Ray Stata Outstanding Contributor Award in 1993 and 1996.
Sherwin Greenblatt Bose Corporation As President of Bose Corporation, Sherwin participated in CQM's founding in 1990 and has served on the CQM Board of Directors since that time. Bose was one of early adopters of many CQM methods including Concept Engineering. Sherwin has also been an active participant in CQM's Business Leadership Study Group in 2003. Now retired from Bose, Sherwin volunteers his time as Director of the MIT Venture Mentoring Service. In 2002, he received CQM's Ray Stata Outstanding Contributor Award.
John Keane Keane, Inc. John is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Keane Inc, the information technology company which he founded in 1965. He served on CQM's Board of Directors from 1993-2003.
James L. Peterson Haemonetics Corporation Jim served as President and CEO of Haemonetics from 1998 until his retirement in 2003. Haemonetics joined CQM in 1998 and became a rapid adopter of CQM methods in its operations. Jim was the Chairman of CQM's Cambridge Chapter and a member of the CQM Board in 2002-2003.
David Walden Center for Quality of Management Dave was involved with the CQM since representing BBN as a member of CQM's Design Team in 1990. In those early days of CQM, he was first chairperson of the CQM Research Committee, the second chairperson fo the CQM Operations Committee, a key participant in development of CQM's 6-Day course for Senior Managers, founding editor of the CQM Journal, and was awarded CQM's Outstanding Service Award the first year it was presented. Dave also served as Director of Research and Executive Director of CQM, and continues to edit the CQM Journal. With Shoji Shiba and Alan Graham, he co-authored "A New American TQM" (1993), a classic text on leading management systems.
Alex d'Arbeloff Teradyne Alex d'Arbeloff is Chairman of the MIT Corporation and served as Chairman of Teradyne, Inc. until his retirement in 2000. Teradyne was one of the founding members of CQM in 1990 and, under Alex's leadership, has been an active participant in, and contributor to, the CQM community. He has personal expertise in many areas of CQM practice: 7-Steps Problem Solving Method, 9-Steps Problem Solving Method, Hoshin Planning, Language Processing, and Voice of the Customer; his skill in deploying the 7 Infrastructures for Mobilizing Change is particularly noteworthy. He has been involved with the CQM since 1989.
Joerg Menno Harms Hewlett-Packard Joerg Menno Harms, Chairman of the Board of Hewlett-Packard GmbH and Chairman of the Board of Hewlett-Packard Holding GmbH. He was the prime agent in the diffusion of CQM skills in Central Europe and in leading the CQM-Europe chapter in Stuttgart through its formative years, serving as Chairman of the chapter's Executive Committee from 1997 to 1999.
Greg Fischer SerVend Greg is co-founder of the Kentuckiana Continuous Improvement Network and the Louisville Chapter of the CQM in 1995. In 1997, Greg received the Teaching Fellow of the Year Award from the CQM in Cambridge, Massachusetts for his work teaching the 6-Day course to CQM members. He has participated on the Executive Committee of the Louisville chapter and actively worked with and diagnosed other member companies in the Louisville chapter.
1998 Shoji Shiba University of Tsukuba Shoji Shiba brought the skills and language of TQM to the members of the CQM, as one of the leaders of the CQM Design Team in 1990, and instructing the first classes of the 6-Day course to senior executives at member companies. He co-authored "A New American TQM" (1993) with David Walden and Alan Graham, documenting the implementation of management improvement methods and tools that led to dramatic business improvement among CQM member companies. Professor Shiba is a member of the board of CQM, a frequent author in the CQM Journal, and is one of the world's foremost experts on TQM.
1998 Thomas H. Lee Center for Quality of Mangement Tom, along with CEOs and senior managers from seven companies in the Greater Boston area, founded the Center for Quality of Management in 1989. As President of CQM until his retireent in 1998, and President Emeritus and a member of its Board of Directors until his death in 2001, Dr. Lee was instrumental in working with members and thought leaders to identify and define the multiple facets of an integrated management system. The components of the management system, once proven, often become part of the unique approach to the quality of management supported by CQM, and an essential component of business success.