Ray Stata Outstanding Contributor Award

Criteria: Contributes significantly to the intellectual development of CQM's knowledge, actively participates in the research and development of new approaches and materials, and makes a significant contribution to the CQM in time and documentation of learnings.

Previous Ray Stata Outstanding Contributor Award winners:

2005 The Technology and Product Strategy Study Group Steve Patterson (Mercury Computer Systems), Walter Plante (Entegris), Nancy Confrey For their contributions to the study group addressing the creation of a new problem-solving methodology based on the research of MIT Professor Rebecca Henderson.
2004 Greg Fischer Dant Clayton Corporation For his many contributions to the Louisville chapter, and the global CQM community, include his participation in the Business Leadership System development, his leadership of the Louisville Strategy Planners Users Group, and his participation in mutual learning.
2004 Mark Andreae Clarke Detroit Diesel Allison For his enthusiastic advocacy of CQM practices, through sharing his own company’s experiences. Mark has been instrumental in the adoption of CQM business practices by his fellow Diesel Allison dealers. He has been an early adopter and advocate of CQM practices, including the Business Leadership System. He is also CEO sponsor of Cincinnati’s Research Committee.
J. Wickliffe Ach Hixson Architects - Engineers - Interiors For his leadership as Cincinnati chapter Chairman during the chapter's growth as a mutual learning community, playing a lead role in recruitment, retention, and mutual learning.
M. Diane Burton MIT Sloan School of Management For her contributions to the Business Leadership System model, including her active participation in the research & development of both the conceptual framework and her field work at member companies.
Sherwin Greenblatt Bose Corporation Sherwin has made many contributions to CQM over the years: participating in early adoption and development of CQM methods such as Concept Engineering and SCORE, sharing Process Improvement methods with the rest of the CQM community, and being an active and engaged member of the Board. This year, Sherwin was particularly generous with his time, guidance and support in working with us to redefine our Business Model, including a number of chapter visits on CQM's behalf.
Russell L. Ackoff Interact Russ serves on the Board of Directors of Center for Quality of Management. His strategic planning concepts have been adapted and used by many CQM members in the past decade.
Ann Gray Harvard Graduate School of Business For her work in developing Mastering Business Complexity.
Eric Bergemann CQM For bringing CQM knowledge to the Internet on the CQM member website.
Toby Woll CQM For her work in guiding and developing CQM through its formative years.
Christina Hepner Brodie CHB Consulting For her work in Concept EngineeringTM
Warren Harkness Bose Corporation For his work with Idealized Design.
Robert Stasey Analog Devices For his work translating Hoshin Planning into the common language of CQM members.
Richard Paynting Bose Corporation For his work with Concept Engineering.
Gary Burchill U.S. Navy For his work in integrating CQM and Idealized Design approaches through the use of various tools from Systems Dynamics and TQM.
John Petrolini Teradyne For his many contributions to CQM, including the development of the 9 Steps method.
Gary Burchill U.S. Navy For his work in development of Concept EngineeringTM
Dennis Gleason Varian Associates For his work with Goal Deployment.
David Walden Bolt Beranek & Newman Inc. For his outstanding contributions to the Center in its first years of development.
Shoji Shiba University of Tsukuba For his outstanding contributions to the Center in its first years of development.
Ron Santella Genrad (at the time of his award) For his outstanding contributions to the Center in its first years of development.