Travels in TeX Land (by Dave Walden)

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I've been using LaTeX and other TeX capabilities since the early 1990s when I made a decision to stop using Microsoft Word for significant writing projects. (Why I use LaTeX for desktop publishing.) Since 2003 I have published a number of pieces on my on-going experiences while learning and using the TeX typesetting system (and as my involvement in the TeX Users Group has increased).

Throughout my life I have written about significant (and sometimes not so significant) projects after finishing them. This is the way I sort out in my mind what the essential steps were among the morass false starts, dead ends, and other struggles that are all too typical of non-trivial projects. In so doing I sometimes gain insights or codification of step-by-step methods that may simplify future efforts. Having drafted something about an experience, it is not much additional work to clean it up for someone else to read who might be undertaking something similar.

I don't claim any great import for much of what I have done or written relating to the TeX world, but listing it all in one place still seemed worth doing — hence this web page.

Travels in TeX Land was the title of my column in issues 2005-1 through 2010-1 of The PracTeX Journal. I like this description, so I decided also to use Travels in TeX Land as the title for this web page.

In addition to the following writings, I also have conducted the TUG interviews series. I have not listed below my TUG Treasure's Reports that have appeared in issues of TUGboat over the years 2005 to 2011 when I was TUG Treasurer (I was a member of the TUG Board from from 2005 to 2015).